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It’s no fun when you’re faced with a question that has no easy answers. Divorce is a painful experience. When children are involved, it almost always hits them the hardest. Therefore, attempting to predict their reaction to any related occurrence is a tricky proposition. That said, you probably will start dating again at some point. So… now what?

The key to this process is being as present and attentive as possible. Stay tuned into your kids’ needs. Prioritize them in any decision that can open old wounds. With all that in mind, let’s explore some healthy suggestions about a confusing situation.

Guidelines for Introducing Your Children to Your New Dating Partner


Rushing into an introduction can have the opposite effect that the one you seek. It can vary, depending on age, but most children will need time to adjust to the seismic shift in their life. Again, become an expert on reading their cues. As excited as you may be to share your new joy, it will never feel the same for the kids. Your new partner may appear as a rival (for your attention and love) in their eyes. Be generous with your reassurance to your children that you will always love them. Be patient with the process.

Talk About It With the Kids in Advance

During those reassurance sessions, slowly introduce the topic. Gauge the reaction and let that guide you. Invite them to ask any and all questions they might have. Children want you to be happy, yes, but a bigger concern for them is knowing how yet another change impacts them. Honor this need. And never forget that — especially for young children — their secret drama may be for you and your ex to reunite.

Be Radically Honest With Yourself

You might be head over heels right now but your children deserve you at your most rational. Ask yourself how you truly think your new partner will meld with your children. Talk to your partner about what will be expected of them. If your partner is rushing you, remind them that your children are your number one priority.

The First Steps

If things progress to a point where a first meeting is imminent, plan in advance, e.g.

  • Make it Casual: Ideally, the meeting should take place where the children are most comfortable.
  • No Demands: If you insist that your children behave in a specific way, you are setting yourself up for problems. Let the kids and your partner be themselves and form opinions without your control.
  • Start Small: Make the first meeting brief and simple. Give everyone time and room to process
A few related thoughts:
  • If you really want to start slowly, host a gathering of friends and include your new partner. Introduce them as a friend as a way to lower the initial stakes. You can ask your kids about your new “friend” afterward.
  • If all goes smoothly, there is still no reason to rush into something like a sleepover if your kids live with you. Put aside your excitement and really ponder how that could feel for the children. Remember, your new partner can stay over any time your kids are staying over with your ex.
There is No How-To Manual

This scenario will play out differently in every instance. You can’t predict the outcome in advance. But you absolutely can put in the effort to respect your children’s needs and be as patient as possible. If the logistics feel overwhelming, it can be very helpful to speak with a therapist. Your sessions can serve as a private workshop for hashing out your emotions and desires.

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