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Low libido is far more common than you may imagine. People just do not talk much about it. In context, it’s not automatically a cause for concern. People can temporarily experience low libido for some pretty obvious and common reasons. These can include general stress, pregnancy and childbirth, being super busy, body image problems, and relationship strife.

Another major cause of decreased sex drive is poor communication. Caring for your sex life is as much about trust as it is about lust. Busy couples that have been together for a long time can unintentionally neglect this reality. So, let’s explore some ways to turn that dynamic around.

Trends That Can Get Mistaken For Low Libido

Firstly, it helps to comprehend that not all loss of sexual desire is caused by low libido. Some other possibilities include:

Sexual Incompatibility

This can manifest in several ways. For example, you could be bored with the sex you are having. You may feel awkward asking for a specific time of sex or intimacy. Also, some folks express a spontaneous desire while their partner is more the responsive type. This can easily and accidentally be confused with a low sex drive.  Sometimes our bodies do not respond the way we want them to respond.  This can lead to escalating pressure and anxiety that creates challenges for both partners.

Societal Standards

If we were to trust pop culture or social media, we would come out on the short end of almost any kind of societal comparison. Unrealistic expectations can result in all sorts of shame, guilt, and resentment. Focus on you and your partner and do not factor in romantic comedies or romance novels. Pornography is often a factor in the unrealistic expectations some people have of themselves and their partners.

Mental Health Issues

Anxiety, when connected in any way to sex, can appear as low libido. In reality, you might be subconsciously avoiding anything that appears to be triggering or risky.

4 Small Steps To Take When You Have Low Libido

  1. Talk to Medical Doctor

Why not rule out any number of possible physical issues? It can be a source of relief (either way) to discover that there is or isn’t a physical component to this problem. After your check-up, you will be better able to decide what happens next.

  1. Talk to Your Partner

Until you both open up about how you’re feeling, this topic will feel more and more shameful. There is nothing unusual about sex-related issues. In fact, they give you a golden opportunity to clear the air on multiple levels.

  1. Think Seriously About the Kind of Sex You DO Want

As touched on above, you may just have a low libido for certain kinds of sex or intimacy. You may also feel weird or nervous to ask for what you want. Take the time to ponder what turns you on. Without making demands, you have every right to share this information with your partner.  Asking for what you want and need in a constructive way also gives your partner the space to ask for the same.

  1. Don’t Jump to Conclusions

Everyone has cold spells so be patient with yourself. Yes, of course, problems pertaining to our sex lives can be disproportionately more intense than other concerns. Resist the urge to default to the worst-case scenario. Once again, gather information, communicate openly, and trust yourself to find the right steps to take.

Talk to a Mental Health Professional

While you digest and consider all of the above information, there is another step to keep at the top of your to-do list. Contact a therapist to get the ball rolling on a process that can be life-changing. Low libido would be the catalyst you need to ask new questions and discover new answers.

Committing together to explore these issues is a powerful way to reconnect and build new trust. I have worked with plenty of individuals on issues related to sex and intimacy. I’d love to help you out as well, so reach out to me if you are ready to begin.

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