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Therapy for Young Professionals

Are you living your life or just standing by?

Are you a young professional who struggles to make decisions, feels like you do not have control of your life and worries how to create the future you want?

Do you feel paralyzed by anxiety?

Do you have a hard time saying “No?” Especially to your parents?

Are you concerned about making the wrong decision and, therefore, make no decision?

Do you worry if you will make enough money to have the life you want with your partner?

Do you feel compelled to keep up with what your friends post on Instagram?


Every step along the way has been pretty clear for you: Do well in high school, get into a good college and find a good job. But after college, it feels like no one told you how to make the next steps or what exactly that looks like in terms of relationships or your career. It’s all up to you, but you’re not sure what you want, let alone how to get there. Maybe your parents are still a little too involved in your life, and you’re not sure how to change that. Making the right decisions in your relationship or the world of dating apps, friendships, and your career path can feel overwhelming.

You might feel like you’re admitting you can’t handle things if you see a therapist. Or maybe that something is really wrong if you decide to get help. You worry people would judge you for seeing a therapist. It seems like a lot of the people in your life or the people you see on social media have figured everything out on their own, but you need to remind yourself that you’re only seeing part of the story. You think that you’re just turning to another person to fix the problems that you should be fixing yourself. Why should you get help with your first world problems when there are people who are really suffering in the world? The struggle you are going through and the concerns you have about getting help are actually quite common. You are not alone in this and do not need to continue this battle all by yourself.

Identifying both your strengths and the areas where you need help is a sign of self-awareness and growth. Taking action to get help addressing the latter is sign of strength, not weakness. You want to be able to rely on yourself, to be guided by your own internal compass, and therapy will help you develop this. You’ll begin to cultivate internal happiness and reduce the confusion you’re feeling. You’ll be less concerned about projecting some image of success to the world around you that doesn’t actually make you happy. You’ll begin to develop the trust in yourself and your actions that you’ve always wanted. We’ll work together to identify and remove the inner obstacles that have been holding you back so that you can leverage your strengths to create the life you want, the one you deserve.

Common Concerns About Therapy

  • Will people think I can’t manage my life if I see a therapist? One of the goals that many clients have is to make decisions and focus on what they want in life while letting go of the perceived judgment or concerns of others. If this is your concern, then working with a therapist is a great way to start breaking free of this dynamic.
  • I’m worried that once I start looking at what is really going on with me, I’ll realize that things are worse than I thought. Many clients fear confronting their unhappiness and the overwhelming feelings that accompany it. As clients go through the process with me step-by-step, these feelings begin to feel manageable and this concern recedes.  
  • How am I going to find time for therapy? I offer day and evening appointments to my clients. Although I prefer in-person sessions, I work with clients via phone and secure video link as well.  

You’ve been spinning your wheels for long enough. It’s time to get traction and move forward.

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